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Search planning applications

Please enter the application number if known or complete one or more of the remaining boxes.


Search hints

  • If an application number is entered, the other details will not be used in the search. Press Reset to clear and re-enable all boxes.
  • Valid application number format

    X/YEAR/XXXX (i.e. 6/2005/1234)

  • Location

    Enter the street name. There is no need to enter the words Road, Street, Terrace, etc. To search for a specific property place the property number before the street name. e.g. High for High Street, or 12 High for 12 High Street.

  • Parish or town

    Select a parish or town from the dropdown list, or select 'All parishes' for the whole district.

  • Valid Date format

    DD/MM/YYYY (i.e. 01/01/2005, 1/1/2005) A default date is used to help limit the search to the last 12 months. This may be amended or removed.